Community Vision

aka Manifesto 1.0

We believe in improving ourselves and the world around us. We think about how our choices impact ourselves, our communities, and our shared world. We believe in environmental sustainability, which is to say, we seek to minimize our individual and societal negative impacts on the natural environment, and maximize the positive ones. We believe our local and global communities can and must shift more quickly to a dramatically more sustainable way of existence on our planet.

We care enough to do something, to do what we can—big, small, or both—to help move ourselves, our communities, and our world to be a more caring, sustainable, enjoyable place to live and pass to our children and grandchildren. We care enough to recycle. We tend to buy natural, local, and organic foods. We try to limit the negative impacts of how we move from place to place—we enjoy walking, biking, carpooling, and/or using public transit often.
Although we are motivated to action by the severity of problems that confront us, we believe that improving ourselves and our planet isn’t all about gloom and draconian sacrifice. In fact, it often gives us a sense of pleasure and can allow us to experience and share with others apparent abundance and luxury.

We seek to advance and develop ourselves, our communities, our institutions, our culture, and our society to achieve a dramatically more sustainable, connected way of living on our planet. That is to say, this on-line community, Balanced Planet/Common Ground/Live Well seeks to help our communities and broader society shift to a dramatically more sustainable, connected way of living on our planet. We seek to act principally in integrity—not just honestly and ethically, which we do. We see integrity more broadly as acting proactively to correct a problem or right a wrong, doing right for others, being in integrity with ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet. Ultimately this community is about sharing, growing, learning, and taking action to support the betterment of ourselves, our communities, and our shared world.

Please join us so we can share in this great journey together…