About the Founder

Jeffrey Tufenkian has been a professional advocate for environmental protection and other key public interest issues since 1985. His nonprofit work has spanned the gamut of fundraising, outreach, research, writing, lobbying, and media advocacy in four US states and the country of Armenia. In a tangent to his advocacy career, Jeffrey worked with a custom home builder/developer which led him to successful real estate investing. Having long been interested in sustainable building, when he and his wife returned from Armenia to the US, he began exploring what could be done through business to advance environmental protection and sustainability.

Jeffrey is currently building a restorative business based in his hometown of Portland, Oregon that aims to bring together his passion for environmental protection, positive social change, and creating a dramatically more sustainable built environment. He seeks to have this business be a positive example of how businesses can help restore and re-balance our environment through what they do and how they do it.

Jeffrey met and married the love of his life in his father’s ethnic homeland of Armenia. In addition to his passion for sustainable homes and communities, Jeffrey loves hiking, mountain biking, preparing and eating delicious healthy food, listening to worldbeat music, and traveling.